My Pledge

“I/we celebrate Pope Francis’ 2015 visit to Washington by committing to follow his example of faith and service. I/we pledge to carry out the following commitments to walk with Francis and to advance his mission and ministry.

Ways to Live Out Your Pledge

Pope Francis speaks up for those without voices. Advocate for unborn children, immigrants, poor families or victims of injustice and discrimination.

Pope Francis cares for creation. Seek to buy and invest to promote charity and justice and care for God’s creation.

Pope Francis has called our sisters and brothers with disabilities “treasures.” Recognize the gifts of persons with disabilities, and defend their rights and dignity.

Pope Francis emphasizes the importance of family. Share your faith more consistently with your family, raising children with compassion and respect for the dignity of all, treating all members of your family, especially older ones, with respect and love.

Pope Francis upholds the dignity of work. In your workplace, work with honesty and integrity, treat coworkers with respect, treat employees with justice regarding wages and working conditions, and view work as a contribution to the common good.

Pope Francis acts for social justice. Take new steps to work for greater justice and peace, by participating in a group to help persecuted Christians, reducing hunger, pursuing peace in the Holy Land, or responding to environmental challenges.

Pope Francis calls us to action. Take new steps to defend human life and dignity, to work for justice and peace, to advocate for quality and choice in education, and to protect the poor and vulnerable.

Pope Francis challenges us to resist the “throwaway culture.” Oppose ways in which the young and old, people with disabilities, and God’s creation are discarded.

Pope Francis expresses love for his neighbors. Seek to treat all people with respect, especially those in who are in need. Reach out in conversation to someone who is homeless, hungry, sick or lonely.